Toddler Care

Reston, VA

Do you need to find some affordable toddler care? Now that your child is a toddler, you have time to go back to work. It will be great to save up some extra money. But, your child still needs care during the day. So, how can you find a solution to this problem? Well, if there is not one in your family that can help you, then you can always turn to Community Montessori School. We can surely find a solution to your issue. We offer a low-cost alternative that will ensure your child is incredibly well cared for when you are not around.

You are on the hunt for an affordable preschool. Sure, you got that big raise, but you still do not have a ton of disposable income. However, your child is not going to stop growing anytime soon, and you need to start thinking about your kid's education. Well, bring your child to Community Montessori School for a great preschool program. We do not charge an arm and leg — your bank account will be totally safe if you choose to bring your child to our amazing school. You had better believe that your child is going to be incredibly well cared for in our hands!

The time has come for you to figure out where to send your child for preschool. You are checking out places in Reston, but you have yet to find one that fits your needs. Well, it sounds like you should think about coming to Community Montessori School. We can offer you a schooling option for such a low cost that you will have to experience it to believe it! At Community Montessori School, we work incredibly hard to ensure that your child has access to the schooling and resources that they will need to access in order to thrive in this life!