Sterling, VA

Is your child finally at that age where it is time for them to venture out and start experiencing new things? Particularly, school related things? Are you looking for a preschool in or near the Sterling area, and you want to make sure that you find just the right preschool? Of course, you would like to find a preschool with the very best preschool reviews, but you would also like to find one that just ‘feels' right. Right? So where in the Sterling area are you going to find a quality preschool that will meet your standards and suit your needs? Well right here of course! Welcome to Community Montessori School, your first choice Montessori preschool in the Sterling and Reston areas. We would be delighted to have your child in one of our preschool classrooms, and help give them all the tools they need to not only move on to kindergarten and elementary school but to grow and be successful as a person.

Here at Community Montessori School, we believe that children are extremely important, and every staff member shares the same love of working with children. This is why you get such a comprehensive and passionate service here at Community Montessori School because our staff members just have higher standards for themselves, as well as the children. We know that children are capable of understanding quite a lot, and we treat them like real human beings. We treat your child the way children should be treated, and this translates to a wonderful experience for both them and their parents.

So if you want a preschool in the Sterling area that will treat your child right, and has the best preschool reviews in the area, you have absolutely come to the right place. Community Montessori School is here to help!